Monday, March 18, 2013

A 1/2 Hour With - Haymarket Pizza

By Jules Wang

In the North End, you basically only have one real choice for pizza. Now, sure, you can pay three bucks a slice for some oily slice yo'll probably need a couple of to fill you up to satisfy your novelty quota. If you want a great slice on the cheap, you go to Haymarket Pizza.

Al, going into his 20th year owning this place, said that it he loves the ins and outs of it. They're open early and closed early and entirely on Sundays. It's just part of the local schedule.

Cheese slices are $1.50, 2-topping slices are $2.50, calzones are $4 and there's a whole array of toppings, stuffings, whatever can go on mozzarella, tomato sauce and bread. It's affordable and it's for the customers of Haymarket and for you. They do sell whole pizza pies, but in one size only, $8-10.

The sauce has a good tang and a small kick to it, the cheese melts well, the crust makes for a good chewy afterthought and there's always full coverage of toppings.

The establishment looks to occupy an old storehouse of some kind, with its table area in an open space, lit by the outside and some typical fluorescent lighting. There's always NECN playing in the back, a vending machine and a little game for the kids. Until a few years ago, there was an Atari arcade machine with Mrs. Pac-Man and Galaga on it.

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