Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Paul Revere Mall: The Perfect Place for a Book

By Christopher Gavin

The Paul Revere Mall is a great place to relax on a warm spring day.
            Spring is on its way (even if your hands are still a little coarse from the cold as you navigate this blog). Nonetheless, there will be a few warm days in the next month or so where the best thing to do is get your iPod and a book and enjoy the sights and sounds of Boston.
            In the North End, this may seem hard to do. You could potentially schlep yourself down to Boston Common if that lazy afternoon feeling you have allows you to do that. You could also go down to the water and pray that the wind doesn’t drive you insane. Perhaps the best solution is to check out the Pall Revere Mall conveniently located on Hanover Street.

The mall is on Hanover Street; just a few blocks down from Mike's Pastry.

            Located along the historic Freedom Trail and behind the Old North Church, the Paul Revere Mall is a popular tourist destination. It is home to the famous Paul Revere statue since 1940; a Kodak moment for many mall goers.

The walled memorial park is spacious and shady in the spring and summer.
            However, the small, walled park is the best place to bring a good book and an iced tea on a sunny day. In the warmer months, the trees provide shade in just about every inch of the mall and you can always find a seat on one of the many benches along the perimeter. If you are a history buff, you may even find yourself reading the plaques along the walls honoring famous North End Residents, like Revere, and world war veterans.

            There is also a playground attached to the mall at the school next-door. To be honest, it may not be the most reliable source of entertainment for the kids since the play area may not always be open. Either way, the kids will be glad to be out of the house. Give them a coin for the fountain in the center instead, if the playground is closed.

            Whether you are a full-time Boston resident or simply a tourist, the Paul Revere Mall is the perfect place to think, read, relax and learn!


  1. I love the Paul Revere mall!! This is actually one of the first places my sister took me when I first came to visit Boston about 3 years ago. It was the dead of summer, and the shade from those trees really made a difference haha. One of her favorite things was also just to grab a tea and read on one of the benches. It's such a great spot, isn't it? :) It has such a different feel with every different season. Its a bit hard to find the motivation to sit outside and read in the winter lol. Hopefully, like you said, it will feel like spring very soon!

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  3. Finding a spot outdoors to enjoy a good read is like finding a four leafed clover. Living in the city it's soothing and nice to find a place that welcomes such a silent and introverted activity as reading it. When I read I don't want to be interrupted by the sounds of traffic and civilization, but I still want to feel a part of civilization and not isolated from the world behind my bedroom door. So, you point out what seems to be the perfect spot. I enjoy reading in a welcoming atmosphere that is also pleasing aesthetically and if the weather is good (yes, I am also excited that spring is coming soon) what a better place than one filled with history as the Paul Revere Mall? Your post has convinced to go give a walk through this historical site, with a book in hand obviously and enjoy the bliss of reading in a calm, outdoors setting. And I will definitely toss a coin into the fountain and make a wish!!
    - Alessandra Esparza