Monday, March 25, 2013

The Green Madness of Irish Pubs

The Green Madness of Irish Pubs 

A pub is an abbreviation for public house – a drinking establishment that comes from British, Irish, Australian and Canadian cultures primordially. 
Its history can be tracked back to the Roman taverns 

Found in villages mainly

They offer beer, wines and soft drinks

Social atmosphere where one can interact with friends, meet people and celebrate

But, why? 
An Irish pub connotes freedom and rebellion. In the Middle Ages, the pub was a welcoming setting where people would gather to sing, relax, tell stories and exchange gossip and rumors. 
In the 19th century, the Irish pub was regarded as illegal by the oppressive British rule. Gradually, with the free-spirited and untamed spirit of the Irish, which characterized these social setting, the pubs began to flourish again. Before, it was were the rebels got together to complain of the crown and coordinate underground rebellions. Today, in Boston, it is where the juvenile, college "rebels" gather to challenge the drinking age, their ability to consume alcohol, to chug! chug! and what not, and the boundaries of a city that continues to be conservative in its core. The youth gathers, all high on green madness, the fever of the young soul who is thirsty for the medicine and adrenaline given at Irish pubs. 

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