Sunday, March 17, 2013

Acorn Street: Beacon Hill's "picturesque" street

By Daniel Kendi

     Acorn Street is a small lane of houses located in Beacon Hill. This street has original cobblestones still paving its floor and small but beautiful houses on either side of it. Acorn Street is one of the most photographed streets in the United States. Here are some images to demonstrate its beauty.

A painting of Acorn Street by Frederick Childe Hassam

The location of Acorn Street


  1. These kinds of streets on Beacon Hill really seem to reflect colonial America or at least the 1800's. It's as if you could just picture the people who used to walk the same cobblestone streets. It's nice that Boston makes sure that these gems are preserved rather than knocking them down and making way for the "better" new buildings. -Chris Gavin

  2. I remember that the first time I visited Boston, two years ago, I was mostly drawn and fascinated by the magic of a setting, such as Beacon Hill, that seems to have been frozen in time. As Chris points out, you can imagine the people in their elegant attires walking through these same streets. We should not take that for granted– that is exhilarating! I come from a city where historical houses and sites are being destroyed to give way to new residencies that will hold more people and make more profit. It is truly heartbreaking because they are stealing our history, a precious gem that cannot be found again or recreated. I am all forward with the expansion of the city and with innovation when it comes to architecture. Besides, not all historical buildings and houses are meant to stay where they once where. Yet, I really appreciate a city that stays true to its roots, as Boston does, and how it preserves its history. They do it with elegance! Just like wine, the streets and buildings only get better as time passes by.
    -Alessandra Esparza