Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jamaica not so Plain

By: Jabari Canada

This video captures an evening that I spent with Jeremy (a Jamaica Plain native) and some of his friends in the Jamaica Plain area. Our main objective during our time was to find something that makes everyone happy: food. We trekked through Jamaica Plain and Forest Hills in order to find some scrumptious grub. Throughout our journey, we checked out some cool parks, including the famous arboretum.  In addition to the food, we found an awesome yoga studio located in the heart of the neighborhood. Jamaica Plain seems like a lovely area, with a nice mix of friendly, working class adults and hip college students. The neighborhood offers great leisure and recreation. It won’t be too long before I am stretching in a downward dog position after eating a rice and bean burrito from around the corner in Jamaica Plain. 

The shops included in the video are...

J.P. Licks Homemade Ice Cream
659 Centre Street
Jamaica Plain, MA

The Purple Cactus
674 Centre St
Jamaica Plain, MA

Blissful Monkey Yoga Studio
663 Centre St, Boston, MA

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