Monday, March 18, 2013

A Tasty Review
By Sienna O’Han

       If you are a food lover, or particularly fond of sweets, then the North End is the place to be. Hanover Street is known for being flooded by family owned pastry shops, that honor traditional recipes straight from Italy with their unique and tasty treats. Mike's Pastry, which is world renowned for its mouth watering desserts, constantly has crowds lining the streets even on week days. If you show up outside its doors on a weekend night though expect to wait...and when I say wait I mean at least an hour. The desserts are good, but good enough to wait an hour for? Thank god for options. 
        If you are impatient like me, then there is another option right around the corner. And believe me you won’t be selling yourself short! Though Modern Pastry always has the shorter line of the two, this pastry shop is just as famous and delicious. If you're lucky you can snag one of the few tables inside and savor some of the most fantastic pastry outside of Italy.

        Loyal customers expect freshness every time they receive one of Modern’s quality desserts, which is one of the reasons they keep coming back again and again. After a short chat with a customer in front of me I learned that Mikes always wins when it comes to snagging the tourists, but Modern Pastries is loved by the locals. Mikes may have a larger menu, Modern’s smaller menu ensures that no items will be sitting around waiting to be bought the same pastries are far more expensive at Mikes. Why pay more when you are getting the same product for half the price?! 
       I’ve been to Mikes a couple of times, so of course I had to try out this rivalry pastry shop, and see what all the hype was about. I was not disappointed. The cannoli I ordered was rich, creamy, and filled with whipped ricotta that put my favorite New York pastry shop to shame. My vote goes to Modern. It’s true, the locals definitely know whats best!

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  1. A huge part of my college experience has been about trying new things. From restaurants to churches to places to exercise, I've made a conscious effort to try many different places in each category just so I can make a well-rounded decision of what I like best. Obviously Mike's Pastry is a great place to get delicious Italian dessert, but I really love how you stress that there are always options with things like this, especially in a place like Boston. Through my experiences, I've found that the hole-in-the-wall, less popular places can definitely be more worth my time and money. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has figured this out, and now I'm definitely interested in taking a visit to Modern's. Thanks for the advice!