Monday, March 11, 2013

College Life at Jamaica Plain

By: Jack Capotorto
I ventured into Jamaica Plain to do some research and I decided to interview local Kolby Woodfield. Kolby is a junior at Emerson College and has been living in Jamaica Plain for almost a year. I asked him a couple of questions about what it is like living in Jamaica Plain as a student at Emerson.

Jamaica Plain resident Kolby Woodfield
Jack Capotorto: What is it like living in Jamaica Plain as a college student?
Kolby Woodfield: It’s different because it is a much older crowd than living in the dorms. There are also a lot of young kids just out of college who have jobs so throwing parties is difficult because of this sort of crowd.

JC: How is transportation to and from campus to your home?
KW: The bus system isn’t good but getting to campus is breeze because the Chinatown stop is right next to campus. The people on this T-Line, however, are very diverse which could lead to altercations, which is why you have to be alert.

JC: What recreational things are there to do in Jamaica Plains?
KW: There are a lot of parks and the arboretum, which has plants and trees. There are many good restaurants around which makes JP the perfect place to take a date out.

JC: Oh really? Does JP impress the ladies?
KW: Yeah cause you have your own place and you can go on many adventures. The ladies like the variety of the date spots in Jamaica Plain.

JC: Would you live there post college and possibly raise a family there?
KW: Yes, because it is much more age appropriate for college graduates. Jamaica Plain has a lot of space for homes and it is very easy to renew leases.
If I was a professor at one of these fine Boston schools I could easy drive or take the T into the city to teach. It is also safe enough for me to have children there.

JC: Is Jamaica Plain safe?
KW: Although it doesn’t appear so, it is compared to many of the suburbs of Boston. It is very family friendly.

JC: How long is the commute to school?
KW: Anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes and this depends on the T and the weather, which are always unpredictable. It is also way too expensive to take a cab.

JC: Does that take away from this area of living?
KW: Yes the commute really takes away from it because I’m so far away from my friends across town or on campus. It is especially bad when I have to take my baseball gear or when the weather is terrible.

JC: Anything else you want to talk about Jamaica Plain?
KW: There are several CVS’s and 7 Elevens around but not to many places to go food shopping at least where I am from in JP. 

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