Tuesday, March 19, 2013

street performers

By: Julie Whalen

Street performers were always one of my favorite things in the city when I was little. It didn't matter if it was a man playing the guitar or a group dancing, I always made my family stop and watch. There was something about their energy, commitment and heart that made me feel the need to stay and watch.

One particular time, which was actually my first ever trip to Boston, my mom and I were just roaming around Faneuil Hall when I spotted a group of dancers. they were full of energy, running around trying to attract a bigger crowd before they started their show. As more and more people surrounded the more excited I became. The suspense was building and I was ready for the show. Finally they started picking people from the crowd to jump over. I was a pretty shy girl so I tried my best to sink back into the crowd. But the dancers were having none of that. One of the guys pointed to me and dragged me over to stand in a line of four other people. My heart was racing, i was nervous he was going to land on me since i was near the end of the line. But after much more added suspense he took his running start and flipped over the five people. The crowd went wild my heart began to beat at a normal pace. That memory tends to stick out to me whenever I think of Faneuil Hall. its one of my favorites that i know i will never forget


  1. Julie, I can completely relate to you when it comes to your love of street performers. It really does have something to do with their energy and willingness to entertain, no matter what the situation may be, that has always pulled me in. Sometimes you really can't help yourself from stopping and staring...despite how big of a rush your parents are in! If you are looking for a good (and free show may I add) then Faneuil Hall is definitely the place to go. The experience that you wrote about reminds me of one that I had not too long along...expect no dancers jumped over my head! That sounds awesome, but also kind of scary! Thanks for posting about your experience. The picture that you added was also a great touch!

  2. This brought back so many memories, from childhood as well as recent years -- you did such a wonderful job with capturing the wonderment of it all, and the specificity you used brought it into real life. I felt like I was there. The suspense as you wrote about it is applicable to so many moments of excitement and fear, and beautifully limned the rest of the piece. --Devin