Monday, March 11, 2013

I Eat Insults For Dinner

By: Julie Whalen

Dick's Last Resort, in Faneuil Hall, is not just a restaurant it's an experience. Expect to be insulted, laughed at, and have things thrown at you because this experience isn't suppose to be pleasant. Dick's is known for its laid back atmosphere and staff that is trained in insults. Along with the insults, hats are given with rude remarks to add to the atmosphere.

Having been to Dick's more then once I have had first-hand experience of this bad-mannered service and loved it. Not only were napkins and straws thrown at me when I first arrived, the waitress threatened to draw a penis on my face and chucked my food at me. Those funny hats really add to the meal as well. I've seen phrases such as, easier to get into community college, I love viagra, and I stuff my bra sharpied onto crazy paper hats. I received dirty looks and nasty remarks from other workers if they walked past me. It was the best, worst food service I have ever received. Just remember not to take yourself or anyone else to seriously and sit back and enjoy the offensive atmosphere that Dick's provides.

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