Sunday, March 10, 2013

Frozen Hot Chocolate: It's not what you think it is

By Daniel Kendi

     As our group explored Beacon Hill we found an ice cream shop on Charles Street. This shop was called J.P Licks and a sign on its door said that it had the best hot chocolate. Because the three of us are chocolate enthusiasts we went into the store to try this hot chocolate. While browsing the selection that J.P. Licks has to offer, there was one thing in particular that caught my attention: frozen hot chocolate. I immediately decided that this was what I would get. My fellow group members agreed and we ordered three frozen hot chocolates. Little did we know that frozen hot chocolate is not a beverage. We expected a hot chocolate beverage but frozen instead of hot. Instead of this we were given ice cream. This was not ice cream that tasted like hot chocolate though. As we sat and ate this ice cream we realized that we were eating something spicy. Our throats started to hurt and we all looked at each other in confusion. Why would hot chocolate be spicy? Is wasn't until later that we realized what "frozen hot chocolate" really meant. J.P. Licks was referring to another definition of the word "hot." While this was definitely a weird experience and an even weirder ice cream I would definitely suggest checking this place out. J.P. Licks has some great selections of ice cream, yogurt, and coffee and even has ice cream for dogs!

Address: 150 Charles St, Boston,  MA 02114
Hours: Daily 7AM to 11PM


  1. After reading this post, not only are my taste buds extremely confused but now I can't stop thinking about this frozen hot chocolate. The way that you described it sounds amazing, but also awful at the same time. As a chocolate lover I feel as though it is my duty to walk down the street and find out for myself how good this strange ice cream actually is. I have always been down to trying new things, and a spicy ice cream is definitely something I have NEVER heard of which is bizarre because I have eaten a lot of weird things in my day. I guess the only way I can really get this strange menu item off my mind is if I actually try it for myself. Thanks for writing a review on not just the hot chocolate, but something actually different. It not only made the article a lot more interesting, but gave me a bigger reason to procrastinate tomorrow from doing homework so that I can go down and try it out for myself! -sienna

  2. I like your use of narration here. It really gives readers more than just a review like Sienna said. It's as if we are learning about your discovery as you discover it yourself. It makes me want to try it for myself. I have seen the store before but after hearing about it on some of these blog posts, I'll be sure to check it out.