Monday, March 18, 2013

Samuel Adams Brewery Tour

By: Jack Capotorto

Located on 30 Germania Street in Boston, Massachusetts the Samuel Adams Brewery is one of the most unique and popular places in Jamaica Plain. Although you must be 21 and over to witness this historic brewery tour it is must-see part of the Jamaica Plain suburb of Boston for of-age adventurers. I sent my investigative reporter, Conor McDonough, to experience the brewery.

“It was a really interesting and informative tour,” McDonough explained. “They took you through all the steps in preparing, making and bottling the beer.” He later explained how Samuel Adams let you smell and taste ingredients as well as sample some of their most famous beers. “They let our group taste up to fifteen beers by just passing them around and in my opinion about ten of them were really good.” McDonough also went on to say that some of the last beers they tasted were new beers added to the Samuel Adams collection. “I think they made us the test dummies for some of the new beers and although some of them weren’t too good I was happy they were utilizing my feedback.”

Once you are old enough to experience the brewery, Samuel Adams offers tours Monday through Thursday from 10AM till 3PM, Fridays from 10AM till 5:30PM, and Saturdays from 10AM till 3PM. Finally, the best part about this brewery tour is that it is 100 percent free but donations are always greatly appreciated.


  1. I really like how you make this read as if it were a real article, especially by “[sending your] investigative reporter” to the brewery to get an account. I don’t exactly how you got this information from Mr. McDonough, but making it look as though you had a real interview with him lends a lot to the post and makes it look very professional. Beer — and really all alcohol frankly — isn’t quite my thing, but the little snippet you give here makes it interesting even for me. It almost makes me want to know more about the brewery, as I sometimes have lunch with my grandmother at Doyle’s, just a few blocks away, where the brewery bus comes to collect the tourists who meet outside. Great job. I’ll look at your other post.

    — Ben.

  2. This article talks about a pretty awesome tour that one could experience so close by in Jamaica Plain. Some really helpful information that flowed with your writing includes the age limit to go on a tour and the time that the tours are offered. Ironically enough, I'm a college student who's not a fan of beer, but I am anticipating my 21st birthday to be able to go on this tour. The coolest aspect of the tour, in my opinion, is that one can observe the process of making the famous varieties of beer by Samuel Adams. Maybe you could have included a number for a local taxi service because I don't believe that I could drive home after tasting 15 different beers. LOL!