Monday, March 25, 2013

Interview: Working at Faneuil Hall

Working at Faneuil Hall 

An short interview with college student Kaitlyn Coddington

This is Kaitlyn wearing an outfit from Loft, which she got with her worker's discount. She loves it!

Where do you work at?
I am the sales associate at Loft, a clothing store located at Faneuil hall. 

Tell me about the brand. 
It's a flirty clothing brand geared towards woman. We are one of the divisions of the renowned store, Ann Taylor. The style we offer is very polished and preppy. You have the classic shapes, but also fun, bright colors to play around with. 

Why did you choose this job?
I love the brand; I wear their clothes. Also, the team was very welcoming from the beginning and I thought it would be interesting to work at such a busy place as Faneuil Hall is. 

What particularly draws you to Faneuil Hall? 
The variety of people that circulate the stores. It is always a surprise for me who will come through the door of our store – a big family, a wondering tourist, a young couple, a potential college student; all different and unpredictable. There is no pattern, really. And that is exciting to work with. 

Would you say that the location of the store influenced your decision to take the job?
Definitely. It is a privilege to work at Faneuil Hall; I love it. It never ceases to interest me; there are so many options! 

Yet, you told me you are being transferred to another location. Is that right? 
Next semester I will be working at the Prudential for Loft, too. It will be an interesting change; both locations offer different things. The mall gives stability and regular costumers; a place like Faneuil Hall is unpredictable... people are exploring, always with a sense of curiosity. I feel that at Prudential I will get more costumers that will actually buy the clothes and will come in knowing the brand and what they want. Where I work now it feels like they are there for the ride; even if it's not their style they want to take a look and see what new thing they can find.

Kaitlyn at the Loft that will be opening in Prudential in April  
Check out their website:

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